What Poker Animal Are You

Poker players share a lot of similarities with different animals, or they are just referred to as some animals based on their position in the food chain of poker. The professionals are at the top of the food chain, feeding on the newcomers, while some rich players can beat down the pros in some cases. A number of animals have been introduced in poker to address the players based on where they stand in the scene. These terms are used to describe specific hands, situations, and player types. Let us look at the top animal references in poker.


Fishes are the newcomers who enter the scene with a lot of motivation and courage. Every professional was once a fish in their career, gaining experience and making their way up the food chain. You can easily identify the fishes based on their age and gameplay. Some of the fishes like to consider them as sharks until a real shark shows us. Fishes can have weak skill sets that they eventually build up with experience.



Sharks are the pros who stand at the top of the food chain in the poker waters. They have the experience and skills required to feed on all the other players. They make profits by feeding on fishes and whales without scaring them away. If you see a shark joining your table, it is best just to take your money somewhere else. Remember that no shark will ever leave an opportunity when it comes to the showdown at the tables.


Whales are the super-rich businessmen who play at high stake tables. They do not care about losing money and are looking for some entertainment. The sharks often attack whales and seize the opportunity to make huge profits. But their mere wealth can become a problem for sharks if they cannot keep up with the stakes. That is why sharks remain careful while playing against whales.



If you are at a tournament just to support your friend or family member who is playing, you are a bird. Birds can also be the people who support players financially if they cannot join the tournaments themselves. The pros at major tournaments have railbirds cheering for them from the visitor’s sections.



Donkeys are the loose canons found commonly inside the casinos, trying to have fun while relying completely on their luck. They have no clue about the games they play and expect the lady luck to work for them. They are so bad at hiding their cards that they may also announce their hand as well. Fishes see donkeys as an opportunity to make quick money and learn a few things before the sharks notice them. Sometimes, even the solid players also exhibit donkey-like tendencies when they are unprofessional, tilted, or angle shooting.

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